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September 2022


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Lazy Scorsese

Nov - 07 - 16
The music flows from drony-ambience to psychedelic rock and dreamy ballads. Four fellas that met via Craigslist and one other guy that we met at a party playing keys. We also have a few pals collaborating with us on our upcoming EP 'Grigio' due out 10.21.16. The world is often seen through the sim ...


Future Sport
Oct - 31 - 16
A musical performance by the band Chalk at the Kitty Cat Klub in celebration of the release of their long-awaited sophomore album 'Water' on cassette tape.

Wild Age

Down the Well
Oct - 24 - 16
Wild Age is a rock & roll band from Minneapolis, MN. They sound like the 90s or the 60s or whatever is cool these days. These guys are super gnarly and really buff and will not have your daughter home by ten. WIld Age is McCoy Seitz (bass, vocals), Blair Ransom (guitar,keys) and Matt Ahart (guitar). ...

Monica LaPlante

Tell Yrself
Oct - 17 - 16
Local Minneapolis darling, Monica LaPlante, plays a style of garage rock/garage pop loaded with class and charm. Her brutally honest lyrics prove that perfection lies in the art of simplicity. LaPlante's forthcoming album, Noir, brings a much darker side to her repertoire, fueled by guitar-driven ro ...

Posh Lost

Impulse (Live on Radio K)
Oct - 10 - 16
Posh Lost began in 2012 as the dream pop project of Jeff Cornell, Sean Neppl, and Jackson Woolsey. Growing up together in suburban Minnesota, these longtime friends holed up in Sean’s parents’ basement, fleshing out early tracks. Joined by Jordan Bleau on drums and Emmy Carter on synthesizers, t ...

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