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September 2022


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Tough Age

Sea of White
Dec - 09 - 13
Though it may have a title that evokes holiday-themed, wintery ideas, Tough Age's track "Sea of White" is by no means a department store Christmas carol. With a raw surf-punk sound that makes you want to rip down the mistletoe and guitars that not only melt your face, but also the snow, this track i ...


Danny Glover
Dec - 06 - 13
Local band Teammates brings us today’s track of the day, and boy, did they deliver! “Danny Glover,” the final song on their experimental Art Thief EP, manages to be both upbeat and a bit heavy at the same time. Keep Teammates on your radar – they’ve got something uniquely compelling going ...

Spirit Vine

Dec - 05 - 13
Happy Thursday, guys! Today’s track, “Auto,” by Spirit Vine is a classic combo of dark lyrics and crunchy guitar. The energetic song is on the band’s first full-length album, Ascender, which is a definite success. Singer Jaquelinne Cingolani has an awesome name and perhaps an even more aweso ...

Gringo Star

Find a Love
Dec - 04 - 13
“Find a Love” opens eerily dissonant, catching your attention right away. Off of Gringo Star's newest album, Floating Out To See, it instantly creates an odd sense of longing that draws your focus in. By the time the melody kicks in, it all comes together, the clashing notes seeming to fit perfe ...

We Are Scientists

Dumb Luck
Dec - 03 - 13
We Are Scientists is back with two minutes and forty-two seconds of FUN! Surely you have time for that, no? Off of their new Ep "Business Casual," Dumb Luck starts off just as energetically as it ends, with Keith Murray’s dynamic vocals keeping you hooked the entire time. Have a listen below!

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