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June 2022


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High Waisted

Sep - 14 - 16
High Waisted is an NYC based band with dream-pop sensibilities and an affection for surfy rock and roll. Every show is a party. Fronted by Jessica Louise Dye, and backed by three long haired hunks, a quirky 60's garage rock aesthetic is re-imagined, making High Waisted feel like a summer's dream. On ...


A Day With No Disaster
Sep - 13 - 16
Dark Horse's opening song, "A Day With No Disaster," launches the album's full-on assault with a blast of shoegaze and a gorgeous, out-front melody. Written on just an acoustic guitar without any ornamentation and brought to life in Sullivant's new home studio, the song was heavily influenced by a s ...

Foxes in Fiction

Sep - 12 - 16
Radiating Light: Orchid Tapes & Friends is a compilation from New York-based record label Orchid Tapes. The collection of songs features a number of original songs, collaborations and covers includes members both active members of the label, alumni and close friends of members of the label. The ecle ...


Mansplain it to Me BB
Sep - 09 - 16
Beginner-surf sister punk. This local punk band just released their new record, Sleezy, at the Eagles Club on the 19th. They play with their truly unique vision for writing lyrics and package it in a sugary, yet abrasive sound. Check out their instudio here.

Helena Deland

Sep - 08 - 16
Montreal based Helena Deland’s song writing is strongly emotion driven. Catchy though unpredictable, avoiding to land quite where you would expect it to, her sincere pop is feminine and dreamily immersive. Originally a solo act, she now fronts a four-piece band: the intimate impulse of composing i ...

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