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Sep 18, 2015

Loud Sun

My Dims
Loud Sun (or Andrew Jansen // Loud Sun) is a musical artist based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He recently released an album called (((LOUD))) (not to be confused with the band "Sunn O)))"). "My Dims" is one of the songs that appears on (((LOUD))) and boy, is it not quiet! This little jangly-pop number features the good ole' and time-honored tambourine. Some may say that the tambourine died on the first day of not the 60s, (January 1, 1970), but we here at Radio K say nay-nay. This track is nostalgic, catchy, and named after what we can only assume is someone's way of referring to their dim high-beam car headlights. It's just an all around great track that makes you just wanna keep hitting replay. If you liked what you heard, check out there live session they did with us a couple weeks ago.

Loud Sun


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