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Velvet Negroni
Neon Brown
Sep 01, 2015

Murder Vibes

Right One
Murder Vibes is a new Seattle-based noir-pop duo. Jordan Evans and Pete Hanks play and sing a resplendent sweep and squall of sensual noise and sly lust. Multi-instrumentalist Evans and vocalist/guitarist Hanks met while filming an amateur zombie project; Hanks as zombie “#whichever” asked Evans as victim “#whocares” if it was okay if he could spit blood onto Evans’ mouth during the attack. (For realism of course.) Evans, by nature, agreed, and thus the symbiosis into music began: Murder Vibes. As we learn from first listen to their critically-lauded self-titled debut relationships aren’t often so immediate, and don’t often have a happy ending – or a clear ending at all. The band name Murder Vibes may sound tongue-in-cheek, but its sound and vision skew toward outright romanticism and themes of desperation, loneliness, and loss. Surrounded in layers of Evans’ atmospheric synthesized production with hints of Depeche Mode and M83, Hanks’ vocals have shades of Echo & the Bunnymen, Nick Cave, and Roy Orbison. Murder Vibes take us down a dreamscape corridor, where behind each door are scenes of heartbreak, of anger and betrayal, of hope.

Murder Vibes


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