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Cold & Calculated / Squid Armchair (Live on Radio K)
Jul - 31 - 15
Fishheadfeasts are a group of local rockers who like to combine words into longer, bigger words. Words like "Solojazzcup," "Sandstormparyanimals," and "Dirtypigletsplaypoker," are some examples of other words combined into bigger words. Try it yourself, it's fun! Anyway, these two quirkpunk songs co ...

Little Wings

By Now
Jul - 30 - 15
“Kyle Field, professionally known as Little Wings, is a living legend. He is the modern embodiment of the traveling bard and the singing troubadour. Kyle’s discography is vast and impressive, full of tunes that are plucked from the lexicon of great American songwriting. On his latest effort, EXP ...

Cape Snow

One More Time
Jul - 29 - 15
Cape Snow is a cross-continental collaboration between Los Angeles-based singer Bree Scanlon and members of the long- running New England based band Tiger Saw. Their story starts in the fall of 2001 – Tiger Saw had been playing for two years, but hadn’t yet released their debut Blessed are the T ...

Joe Goodkin

As Old as I Am Now
Jul - 28 - 15
Joe Goodkin is the founder of the band Paper Arrows, a popular Chicago-based pop and indie rock band. You may also know him as the musician who travels the country performing his unique, award-winning interpretation of The Odyssey. Releasing Record of Life on Quell Records—a label he launched 8 y ...

Nova Heart

Lackluster No.
Jul - 27 - 15
Ever since Nova Heart was founded mid 2011 in Beijing, the solo voodoo-disco project turned 4piece psych-rock band around lead singer & mastermind Helen Feng has been embraced by critics, the art & fashion crowds + electronic and indie music fans in China and the West. They are the first chinese ba ...

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