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KSC 9/22/20
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The Mammoth Catches Fire

Deep Space Sickness (Live on Radio K)
Jul - 24 - 15
The Mammoth Catches Fire is an indie rock outfit from the heart of the Twin Cities. This track is some exclusive stuff laddies and girls. Recorded right here in the Radio K headquarters comes "Deep Space Sickness." They currently have a self-titled release floating around the interwebs but if you wa ...


Moony Eyed Walrus
Jul - 23 - 15
On their last album, Bigfoot, Cayucas debuted in a way that defied their namesake, the sleepy seaside town of Cayucos, CA.As listeners fell in love with its shimmering west coast vibes, Zach Yudin watched his bedroom recording project transform into a band that toured the world almost overnight, all ...

A House Safe For Tigers

Ann Marie
Jul - 22 - 15
Borrowing its name from an obscure Lee Hazlewood soundtrack, A House Safe for Tigers has garnered accolades for its reflective, haunting, yet melodious songcraft. "About four or five months before we began recording, I had bought a ukulele and had written about five songs on it," said Costantino. "T ...


Jul - 21 - 15
Dollys, based out of New Brunswick, NJ's legendary indie rock scene, mine Beach Boys harmonies with their own take on the surf-influenced pop rock that the 'Boys' specialized in. "Oh, Please", the band's new full-length, carries a timeless quality due to it's live to tape recording. Drummer Natalie ...

Youth Worship

No Summer
Jul - 20 - 15
Youth Worship is the newish project from James Hanna formerly of Asobi Seksu, along with long time friends Will Donnelly and Larry Gorman, the drummer in Asobi Seksu. While their first collection of songs, released as a cassette EP was an unashamed ode to their early 90’s alterna-rock influences, ...

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