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Bruise Violet

Maybe You're the Problem
Jul - 03 - 15
Where to even begin? The totally #RarePepe Sadboys Vaporwave Comic Sans album cover, or the fact that these witty girls are still teenagers but rock harder than your, I don't know, decent musical side project? Maybe starting with the music would be the best way to begin. It's punk, it's loud, and it ...

Rozwell Kid

Kangaroo Pocket
Jul - 02 - 15
Rozwell Kidis loud and with Too Shabby, even louder. Rozwell Kid has sharpened their music with this album and it shows that Rozwell Kidhasn’t lost any of their quirky charm while progressing as musicians. It’s undeniable that Too Shabby will draw comparisons to any pre-millenia. Weezer record, ...

Psymon Spine

Jul - 01 - 15
Formed between college friends Peter Spears and Noah Prebish;Psymon Spine has since expanded, headlined a European tour and forged a connection with Graham Dickson (of Crystal Fighters) who both produced and signed the band to NYC label, Axis Mundi (Is Tropical). Psymon Spine EP is extremely dualist ...


Stole The Night
Jun - 30 - 15
Howling’s album Sacred Ground stands for many things at once: collaboration, improvisation, simplicity, unexpected happenstance. The original track ‘Howling’ exploded virally in early 2012 (via Dixon’s Boiler Room set), though hardly past demo stage at the time, and proceeded to climb charts ...

Little Wings

By Now
Jun - 29 - 15
“Kyle Field, professionally known as Little Wings, is a living legend. He is the modern embodiment of the traveling bard and the singing troubadour. Kyle’s discography is vast and impressive, full of tunes that are plucked from the lexicon of great American songwriting. On his latest effort, EXP ...

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