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May 25, 2020

Hair of the Dog

Hair of the Dog by ARTHUR



This is Arthur’s sophomore album, following his debut Woof Woof released nearly 18 months prior. The short album, coming in at just under 28 minutes, works like a collage with each subtle nod to genre or style acting like scraps that come together to form a whole new sound. Eighties laced “No Tengo” stands out on the album, for this very reason. After Arthur opens the song with a sample of “No Tengo Dinero” by Righeira, released in 83’, he follows up with an almost unrecognizable modulation of the familiar lyrics “Everybody wants to rule the world” from the Tears for Fears hit. Even after Arthur has dispensed with his clever, and somewhat obscure, 80s samples the song takes on its own John Hughes’ score and plot. Arthur begins with seemingly sweet sentiments about a woman, “I can't help but feel small when she kisses my head” before it becomes clear the meaning of the song might be more grim; “One of these days I can be strong, be more of a man.” All the while Arthur laughs, “Ha, Ha” The album as a whole works in a similar fashion, combining Arthur’s cheery experimental sound with bleak lyrics. Like Hughes’ own slightly darker hit Breakfast Club, it can take a minute to really sink into Hair of the Dog but once immersed, the payoff is transformative and the full potential of this musician becomes clear to the listener.

By Emma Chekroun