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Jan 17, 2021

Two Saviors

"Two Saviors" by Buck Meek


This Weekly Release Spotlight is Big Thief guitarist, Buck Meek, and his down-home twinged release, “Two Saviors.” Produced in the heat of New Orleans with no more than a week for recording and no headphones to hear the progress Meek and his producer Andrew Sarlo were making, this album sounds intentionally rough around the edges, adding to the sense of sincerity felt listening to the album. In a press brief for “Two Saviors” Meek described songs on the album as “little prayers and visions from within the constant flux of pain, healing, and discovery.” Meek hopes these songs and visions will provide perspective to himself and others, and that responsibility comes through in the somewhat authoritative and confrontational tone of songs like “Candle” and its lyrics “If you don't have a candle, Let me burn on your mind.” Additionally, Meek’s album does just that, it commands the listener’s head, heart, and ears with Meek’s imperfect country singing style and the album's bare but intentional music choices.   

By Emma Chekroun