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Feb 24, 2014




Using the stage name CEO, 32 year old musician Eric Berglund has just released his new full length album Wonderland. Berglund hails from Gothenburg, Sweden, and was a former member of The Tough Alliance, another electronic duo from Sweden. This is Berglund’s second studio album, and it is a real joy to listen to. Berglund does a fantastic job of building off of the accomplishments that he had as a part of The Tough Alliance and managed to make a sound that really helps show his growth as an artist, and the inner turmoil that he faces while doing so.

Comprised of mostly happy and upbeat sounds, Berglund manages to create an electronic album that is all his own and has a great sound throughout the whole feature. Despite his happy sound, the lyrics cover some very personal material for Berglund, and it is great to see how it unfolds throughout the album. I decided to review this album after hearing the single on one of our K Single’s Club CDs, and I have to say that I was definitely impressed, and very glad that I decided to review the whole album.


Some of the greater tracks from the album are “Whorehouse”, which was actually released as the album’s single. This track is filled with great beats, and features some great lyrical meditations on what seems to be his dealings with fame and living as an artist in our current world filled with social media at every turn. Another great track of this is the title track, “Wonderland” filled with happy beats that remind me of being outside at a carnival and some great samples throughout. The album as a whole is also very successful at having a light poppy feeling on top when you first listen to the beat, but when you actually listen closer to the lyrics, like in “Whorehouse” you come to find that Berglund is actually dealing with some very dark concepts as an artist and is very successful in getting them out on this album. He also recently released a new music video for the same track, and it fits the track perfectly. Consisting of black-light visuals and trippy dance moves, Berglund manages to create a great video that gives off a bit of an early MGMT vibe, much like their video for “Electric Feel”. The last track on the album that really pulled me in was “Harakiri”. It was again very bubbly on the outside, and filled with great synths and high falsettos that gave off an almost Passion Pit-esque sound to the music, which made me really enjoy the rest of the album.

I definitely enjoyed listening to this album, and as of now there is no tour announcement on his website, but I am sure that he is bound to impress us with a great and very visually astounding live show based on his album artwork and music videos, so hopefully he gets around to making a stop here in good ol’ Minneapolis.

Mervin Moorhead