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May 31, 2020

Future Teenage Cave Artists

Future Teenage Cave Artists by Deerhoof



Still going strong since 1994, this is Deerhoof’s 15th full length album and it can best be described as a hopeful apocalypse album. Deerhoof’s experimental/noise pop, which they have come to be known for, has been run through a filter of R&B and rock, helping this album stand out amongst the group’s discography. Their last album, Mountain Moves, released three years ago, featured numerous guest stars, whereas this album was the product of self-isolation, lending to that “cave artist” feel. The album title itself, Future Teenage Cave Artists, is meant to conjure up images of people living on the edge but finding new ways to survive and rise above. Guitar riffs and pounding intros like that of “O Ye Saddle Babes” create a sense of immediacy that is bolstered by the aforementioned rock and R&B elements that pump through the album like blood, invigorating it with intention and rebellion. Interestingly, the album closes with a cover of Johann Bach’s “I Call on Thee” which creates a melancholy close that simultaneously produces feelings of hope and fear.


by Emma Chekroun