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Flying Lotus

Aug 27, 2018

Devata Daun



Listening to the music of Minneapolis based artist Devata Daun feels like waking up from a beautiful dream that you can’t quite remember. Fragmented and distorted R&B vocals balance precariously atop lo-fi instrumentals and shimmery beats. The opening track, “Mademosielle”, starts with swirling melodies and a sense of openness. In the middle of the song Devata Daun’s voice warmly echoes the line “Gotta get this started”, a fitting introduction to the rest of the EP. Later in the project,  “In My Room” shines as a standout track and showcases a lush, warm saxophone alongside captivating vocals. Moments of the track feel as though they could lead into a familiar sort of deep soul song, only to quickly dive back into the sonic world that it came from, rife with dark synths and psychedelic textures.

Pye Luis features vocals and lyrics performed and written by Devata Daun, instrumentals written and performed by Blaine based artist Pye Luis, and production from Pytch Records co-owner c.Kostra. The strengths of the three artists blend seamlessly in an EP that embraces the quirks of creating tape music. Across the succinctly written 5 track project, Devata Daun leads the Pytch Records crew in demonstrating yet again that they are leaders in the world of Minneapolis lo-fi. Pulling elements from familiar and comfortable sounds and twisting them into an entirely new sonic palette, Pye Luis leaves the listener with an insatiable sense of nostalgia.

The Pye Luis EP Release Show is on August 29th at the Loring Bar and Restaurant.

Written by Maddie Schwappach