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September 2022

Dec 09, 2013


Marijuana Deathsquads

Oh My Sexy Lord
(Totally Gross National Product)

Minneapolis based noise-rock band Marijuana Deathsquads have officially made their way from crazy side experiment just for kicks, to a full-fledged touring band. Belonging to the Totally Gross National Product label, their leader is Ryan Olson, known mostly for being the producer and writer for Polica and Gayngs. Also in the group are Isaac Gale, local hip-hop heavy weight Stefon Alexander (a.k.a. P.O.S), Ben Ivascu of Poliça, Mark McGee of To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie, and Jeremy Nutzman

(a.k.a. Spyder Baybie). They even have multiple drummers for their heavily drum based electronic sound. All of this creates an odd noise-band vibe that has been described as fusing “ …jagged grooves, scratchy analog effects, and robo-warped vocals into a full-length, experimental freakout” by Kyle McGovern at Spin

   Oh My Sexy Lord provides pulse-pounding insane drumbeats with more synths and electronic noise than you mind can comprehend. Isaac’s vocals have electronically bent punk sounding screeches and howls at insane levels, and although most of the lyrics aren’t understandable, that’s ok; it only adds to their chaotic sound. The record starts off with “Ewok Sadness,” a great fast-paced intro to their sound on this record. Beginning minimally with soft drums, buzzing bass, and piercing synths, it then adds in some of the most audible lyrics you will get from Isaac on the record. The song progresses into a chaos of fast paced drumbeats and builds into light speed almost metal sound at the climax with hip-hop influences sprinkled in here and there. Another stand out song is easilly “Master of None”. It is a disorienting electronic nightmare with a definite D&B sound to it. Using mild bass drops, build ups, and more, it creates a nice danceable groove.


   Marijuana Deathsquads have been making their presence known this year, beginning with an Art-A-Whirl performance at the 331 nightclub on May 18th. They had more than a handful of drummers from FT (the Shadow Government) and Bomba De Luz rotated through for that performance with many other special guests joining them on stage. They also had an amazing in-studio performance here at Radio K, dropped their full length LP this review is about this past October, and they just wrapped up a month long tour opening for Polica. In addition, the band recently remixed P.O.S’s entire album We Don’t Even Live Here. Their efforts, which one cannot help but be intrigued by, are being released for free by Rhymesayers and Totally Gross National Product. To go from a side project of small free releases to a full touring band is no small feat, and it only proves the great promise from Marijuana Deathsquads. Combined with the staggering amount of activity from them in the past year, you can’t help but take notice of these guys, and that is most definitely a good thing.  

Aaron Bolton