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May 18, 2020


Græ- Moses Sumney



Moses Sumney’s sophomore album Græ makes it a mission to confront the problems of “black and white” and explore the gray spaces in between. The sixth song on the album, “Boxes” while just barely above a minute long, explicitly discusses the limitations of labels by juxtaposing the very human struggle of identity with a modulated robotic voice. Sumney follows suit throughout the album, and accents complex issues with beautiful, and at times, odd music choices. “jill/jack” is another example of this as it parses out a spoken word poem about gender and gender identity. But Sumney doesn’t stray too far from the roots he established on Aromanticism; he also spent his fair share of time considering romance on the album with songs such as “Polly” which discuss rejection in a painfully vulnerable way. It’s not just the lyrical content of the album that is expansive, Sumney effortlessly flits between blues horns, twinkling piano, and acoustic guitar; on “Gagarin,” named after the cosmonaut and first person to journey into outer space, closes with hauntingly beautiful whale calls. Græ is both depthful and listenable at the same time, and easy to sink right into.


By Emma Chekroun