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October 2022

Jan 03, 2016

Murder Shoes




(Land Ski Records)

It can be hard for bands to describe their own music but when I saw that one of the Bandcamp tags on Daydreaming was “vibez,” I knew everything was going to be okay. Murder Shoes gifted something quite nice to the masses with their latest release. Sticking with the tried and true rock instrumentation, Murder Shoes creates an atmosphere that the average pumpkin spice latte hater would deem “ethereal.” Some tracks such as “So What May” could be called straight up off-brand power-pop perfection. Okay, yeah, we like the pumpin’ radio hits on this LP, but what about the cussin’ deep cuts? Don’t worry, good sir/maam. It has those too. Please examine “Girls Named Benji” for a moment. First, do you know anyone named Benji? To be honest, I didn’t, but apparently they are all over the place and doing very interesting things. Following that punky number comes another hard hitter smuggled right out of the badass riff factory round North Loop titled, “Little Lost.”

Some would like to think that there exists the idea of something called “Midwest Flyover Fare.” This generally includes food items such as pasties and lefse you’re pressured into eating when you go over to a friend’s house. This idea is unfortunately applied to midwest emotional music as well. However, Murder Shoes is not midwest flyover fare, but something that I’m now calling “fly to here (hear) fare.” There’s a reason that the Star Tribune included Daydreaming on their list of local favorites and the pseudo-intellectual hippie ravers over at City Pages called it “a mirthful laugh at existential dread.” It’s just plain old good.

Percy Johnson