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Jan 27, 2014

Nick Waterhouse


(Innovative Leisure)

Nick Waterhouse recently announced his upcoming new release Holly set to release on March 3rd on Innovative Leisure records. For the forthcoming record, he snagged producer Kevin Augunas to co-produce. Kevin’s previous work with The Black Keys and Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros seems poised to influence this album in a profound way. Self-described as California R&B, Nick is a blast from the past full of jazzy feel good vibes. His break out debut album Time’s All Gone received Mojo’s soul album of 2012, and he follows up this album releasing the single “This is a Game” from forthcoming Holly. Powerhouse guitar solos to the sax and organ well defines the new album as a worthy follow up. Tremendous news came from, not only listing the tracks for Holly, but also announcing the European tour. He will be gracing the stage with his band all over Europe and spreading his danceable new tunes he has in store. Tickets go on sale December 13th.. Currently touring the States, he isn’t quite coming to town, but a stones throw over to Chicago on Feb 21st will get you there. 


Nick is known for his soulful fervor in his music, and it will be pleasing to hear where this intoxicating sound can go. “This Is A Game” is certainly very promising, and how this album will stack up to hits such as “Some Place” or “Say I Wanna Know”may determine its worth. However, coming from such an adept R&B musician, Nick and soulful co-producer Augunas, we can bet it will surpass both songs potent infection of awesomeness. 

Nick recently told Dacey Orr of Paste Magazine “Thematically this record feels more like a novella, or poem with sections, or even a film, than a collection of songs," said Waterhouse of the album. "It is a work of fiction with a protagonist, but also a floating omniscient narrator, and fragments of conversation from other characters.”

The teaser in-studio video (above) also leaves us with wonder of what stories he will spin on this one. Being described as a film or novella makes you ponder if this one may be a concept album. For the time being that is all it will be: wondering. Go find out in Chicago what he has in store or find your way to a record store for Holly March 3rd. Nick Waterhouse’s new tunes shall be well worth your time and money. 

Aaron Bolton