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Marika Hackman
Any Human Friend

Dec 17, 2018




Prathloons self titled album is exactly the thing you’ll want to be listening to when you are curled up on your parents’ house this holiday season. Upon the first listen the album is rife with a type of universal nostalgia that is riddled with the type of quiet melancholy that come from returning home, and from trying to maintain a grip on the past. Warm guitars and gentle lyricism about growing up mark this as one of the years

Prathloons originated as the solo project of Minneapolis musician Collin Dall (Yeah Wings, Felted) and has grown over the years to envelope a team of local musicians who have participated in the live shows and recording of this most recent release. Each of the musicians involved is engaged with the local music scene in their own projects, but something special happens when the group gets together for Prathloons. Dall’s deeply personal songs flourish and grow with the accompaniment of other artists. On standout track “Mallwood” the phrase “I’ve been rebuilt” is echoed innumerable times, sometimes from Dall, who carries the vocals throughout the bulk of the album, and sometimes from other members of the band. The effect is moving and forges a palpable sense of urgency in the sentiment.

The album opens with the moving song “Jack & Nancy Forever.” A nearly whispered vocal over an all but inaudible guitar introduces the listener to the album by saying “Let’s take a trip / Let’s go out west / Where no one knows our names.” The track swells methodically over it’s 5 and a half minutes. The album as a whole reflects this sort of patience and rewards the listener by dissolving into cathartic fuzzy guitars and shouted choruses at just the right time.