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October 2022

Dec 21, 2015




In 2015, Rustie is pushing at the delicate membrane of genre surrounding him. With the surprising third full length entitled EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, the Glasgow producer Russell Whyte has learned from some sophomore mistakes and become a little more true to himself and the music.

The cliche’d second album curse struck Rustie in a profound way. Whyte has noted in several interviews how he felt his control slip away during the formative months of Green Language. Under the guidance of his management, Whyte found himself careening between the stark peaks of avant garde and flavor-of-the-week bangers.

Paging through the liner of EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE, one might double-take at the one-man-show Rustie has become. Mixing, mastering, engineering-- hell, Whyte even features himself on some of the tracks as if to drive the point home. This is his album. He’s filled up the sonic landscape of it with his own essence, allowing complete control for the mastermind to stretch his some of the older styles found in his debut Glass Swords. Skirting the borders of D&B, dubstep, trap, and the broader EDM universe, Rustie finally comes to rest somewhere around techno meets house meets Arca with distorted airhorns and dolphin noises as a makeshift homebase.

Frantic, twinkling, and more upbeat than a neon clown on bath salts, EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE is a prototype for what dubstep probably should have been. It’s an engaging, often a surprisingly slow burn of layered synths, warbles and distorted instrumentation, blowing out your dance party speakers from just the sheer maximal thrum of the kick drums hallmarking the record. Tracks like “First Mythz” recall the 90s euro-dance craze while staying firmly rooted in modern production while “Death Bliss” pays homage to contemporaries like Hudson Mohawke with an added cinematic flair. If EDM is the auditory equivalent of color, the Rustie has dived deep into the nuances of hues and saturations, renamed them and then added a bunch of zzzz’s to the end.

EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE hits hard in a soothingly modern dose of unconventionality. The tracks are enough to set off the dullest dance floor while the subtle tempo changes and maxed-out production will keep the most vigorous ravers on their toes. It’s the best of both worlds and impressively mature for an artists of five years practicing.

Zach Simon