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June 2022

Apr 14, 2014

Tony Molina


Dissed And Dismissed

All my friends, they like me more when I am not around.

Eleven minutes and forty-two seconds: that’s the length of this album. That’s even shorter than Perfect Pussy’s sixteen-minute set at the 7th Street Entry. Without something to hold our attention, the album’s short length would be a great weakness. But similar to Perfect Pussy, Tony Molina uses brevity to bring a collection of lean and impressive tunes.


Dissed and Dismissed is Molina’s power-pop solo debut, reissued after its first pressing sold out very quickly, and for good reason: his songwriting skills are just that great. In Dissed, Molina trims his songs of all fat. The structure of most songs consist of an intro, a verse, and an outro featuring a guitar solo. The extremely short song lengths (with the longest track clocking at 1:32) allow Molina to get his ideas out very quickly. Each track never overstays its welcome. Lyrically, Dissed is an album about lost relationships between girlfriends and friends. The first song “Nowhere to Go” features the line “All my friends, they like me more when I am not around”, an anxiety that’s relatable for many. Additionally, Molina talks about “the thought of losing you” on the track “See Me Through”.


However, Molina wraps his lyrics in fuzzy guitars and catchy melodies, such as those in “Tear Me Down” and “Change My Ways”. The Thin Lizzy-like guitar solos at the end of each song provide a great release of energy and show off Molina’s guitar skills, especially those in “The Way Things Are” and “Walk Away”. In the middle of this album is the track “Sick Ass Riff”, is a 26 second interlude that features an acoustic guitar playing the titular riff. Not only does the track provide a breather, it also showcases his appreciation of interesting melodies.


Additionally, comparisons to Guided by Voices (a likely influence on this album) are not lost on Molina. In fact, the penultimate track on this album is a cover of their song “Wandering Boy Poet”, which is just as brief and direct as the original.

All in all, the short but lean length of Dissed and Dismissed, along with the great guitar riffs and relatable lyrics, enhances the album’s replay value. These strengths also play into Molina’s message in this album: sometimes, the best way to face your problems is to run straight through them.

 Jian Nocon