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September 2022

Real College Podcast

How to talk Modern Minnesotan

Real College Podcast, from Radio K (KUOM) at the University of Minnesota, is a 30-ish minute podcast focusing on artistic and cultural events and trends happening in the Twin Cities and told through first-person storytelling and reporting and delivered instantly through any internet connection anywhere.

Real College Podcast reflects the varied layers of Minnesota’s rich artistic and cultural history; providing a lifetime’s worth of ideas, narratives, arts and music to all points in the North Star state.

Support for the below programming and projects comes from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Simulations, Riverboats, Collections

Jul - 10 - 16
Luke Walaszek explores Simulation Theory. Jackie Renzetti rides a boat. Hannah Weikel collects answers about collections.


Jun - 26 - 16
Reporter Emily Allen talks to the president of a gun club to get a further understanding of the sport of guns and it’s participating members. Producer Emily Lepain explores the history of gun cultur ...


Jun - 20 - 16
On the Real College Podcast, we talk about dads because duh, it's Father's Day! Producer Max Fuller tackles the myth of absentee black dads while Hannah Weikel spent some time with the Roe Family Sing ...

Science in Hollywood, Podcasting, and Olga Bell

Jun - 12 - 16
This week on Real College Podcast, producer Emily LePain does some digging and talks to her father, a petroleum geologist, to get to the bottom of why the inaccurate science presented to us in hollywo ...


May - 29 - 16
This week on Real College Podcast, we're talking about the people that made America into what it is today: entrepreneurs. We'll be talking about people who often risk everything to pursue their passio ...

Matthew Curtis Retrospective

May - 22 - 16
This week on the Real College Podcast, we say goodbye to one of our own: the Real College Podcast's managing editor, host and our general pal of the past two years, Matthew Curtis. Now that he's offic ...


May - 01 - 16
This week, we’re on the hunt for a good deal. We’re glancing through store windows, we’re browsing websites and we’re riffling through newspapers for the satisfaction of savings. Frugality is ...


Apr - 18 - 16
We’re talking about what it is to be anonymous. To be a figure in the shadows, serving a community that doesn’t thank you. To go to bed at night believing its To not ask for gratitude, to be self ...


Apr - 12 - 16
We’re reading the headlines. We’re shying away from the usual fun and frolic of arts and entertainment in the Twin Cities, to cover things more pressing. The problems that are affecting Minnesotan ...


Apr - 12 - 16
This week on the Real College Podcast, we’re reflecting on what it means to be a student. Someone who is swamped with work, trying to find time for themselves and saving pennies wherever they can. W ...

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