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September 2022

Real College Podcast

How to talk Modern Minnesotan

Real College Podcast, from Radio K (KUOM) at the University of Minnesota, is a 30-ish minute podcast focusing on artistic and cultural events and trends happening in the Twin Cities and told through first-person storytelling and reporting and delivered instantly through any internet connection anywhere.

Real College Podcast reflects the varied layers of Minnesota’s rich artistic and cultural history; providing a lifetime’s worth of ideas, narratives, arts and music to all points in the North Star state.

Support for the below programming and projects comes from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Social Issues

Mar - 13 - 16


Mar - 09 - 16
This week, we’re staying home. I mean sure, Minneapolis and St. Paul are bursting with things to do, places to visit, bands to listen to - but we all need a breather sometime right? We just need to ...


Feb - 28 - 16
We’re telling stories of diversity, and achievement in spite of an unbalanced playing field. We are in midst of momentous social and cultural movements, with Minnesota rising to be an important stag ...


Feb - 23 - 16
We’re getting engaged with fiction. Whether it’s a cherished collection of novels that is worthy of preservation or a century-old Broadway play that is still provoking today, fiction has the power ...


Feb - 16 - 16
This week, we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day. I mean yeah, you could make a pretty convincing argument that it’s commercial and corny and all that bad stuff but where’s the fun in that? For th ...


Feb - 10 - 16
This week, we’re going to a concert. Minneapolis and St Paul are home to dozens of unique, vibrant and busy concert venues, ranging from the substantial and adaptable Target Center to the eccentric ...

Ghostbusters: The Radio Play (Part 2)

Feb - 02 - 16
This week we’re busting ghosts.. again. Tonight we conclude the hair-raising, spine tingling Ghostbusters radio play, if you want to hear part one, you can find it on - but for those of y ...

Ghostbusters: The Radio Play (Part 1)

Jan - 24 - 16
This week, we’re busting ghosts. The time for a Radio K Radio Play is here once again and I’m pleased to announce that we are performing a radio rendition of - yep, you guessed it, Ghostbusters. T ...


Jan - 19 - 16
This week, we’re conquering the final frontier. We’re pointing our microphones towards the heavens tonight in our special space edition of the show. We will learn the mysteries of the skies above ...

Aaron Bolton Retrospective

Jan - 10 - 16
This week we say goodbye to one of our most cherished producers ever - Aaron Bolton. As Aaron prepares for a life in the real world, we reflect on his time at Radio K and the lasting impact he has mad ...

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