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September 2022

Real College Podcast

How to talk Modern Minnesotan

Real College Podcast, from Radio K (KUOM) at the University of Minnesota, is a 30-ish minute podcast focusing on artistic and cultural events and trends happening in the Twin Cities and told through first-person storytelling and reporting and delivered instantly through any internet connection anywhere.

Real College Podcast reflects the varied layers of Minnesota’s rich artistic and cultural history; providing a lifetime’s worth of ideas, narratives, arts and music to all points in the North Star state.

Support for the below programming and projects comes from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.


Dec - 14 - 15
This week, we’re communicating. You may be hearing this on the radio, a medium that has lead the way in widespread communications for a hundred years, and strongly continues to do so. Of course, thi ...


Dec - 09 - 15
This week, we’re riding the bus. Thrilling, I know. Minnesota is often praised for its alternative means of travel. We have some of the best bike paths in the nation, a light rail that’s quick eas ...


Nov - 29 - 15
This week, we’re exploring… Earth. And with 72 state parks and well over 10,000 lakes, Minnesota is a natural spectacle and an ideal location to stage our show, discussing both the unpredictabilit ...


Nov - 16 - 15
This week we’re talking about identity. We present two stunning stories on how the lives of minorities are being affected in this era of rapid civil change. Of course, problems are being acknowledge ...


Nov - 04 - 15
This week we’re covering the ever enchanting, always exciting and frighteningly fun night of Halloween. That’s right, we’re setting up our Ouija boards, buying cloves of garlic and travelling to ...


Oct - 26 - 15
This week, we’re relying on the Twin Cities community - the eclectic, exciting and energetic society that we’re fortunate to surround ourselves with. This is a city and a show supported by collabo ...


Oct - 13 - 15
This week we’re talking technology. We’ve come a long way from Pong, dial up and computers that filled entire rooms, we now live in an age where we’re wired in at every opportunity, with gadgets ...


Oct - 04 - 15
This week we’re talking about local legends. people that you know who do what they do better than anyone else, all the while pridefully representing Minnesota and what this state stands for. Patrick ...


Sep - 20 - 15
This week, we’re exposing the underexposed. We’re working to bring coverage to the underrated and the under appreciated, to give them the credit and recognition they deserve. We’re covering two ...


Sep - 09 - 15
This week we’re going back to school. It’s finally time to stop tanning at the beach, going to the cabin and doing nothing. To better prepare you, we have words of wisdom concerning buying textboo ...

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